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1-800 PetMeds
1-800 PetMeds is America’s largest pet pharmacy. They deliver direct to the consumer, prescription and non-prescription pet medications, along with health and nutritional supplements. They stock more than 100,000 items and ship over 6000 pet medications per day.

They offer free shipping on all internet orders over $39 and also have a lowest price guarantee.

Click below to visit their site:

1-800 PetMeds

  1-800 PetMeds


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You may have other pests in your backyard besides those pesky fleas and ticks. Your yard or garden may be infested with gophers, voles or moles. You can get a handle on your critter problem with a few gopher control products. Some of these products are gopher and mole baits, traps, electronic detterents, and chemical lawn sprays or pellets. Getting rid of a pocket gopher infestation isn't easy, but you can do it.